Welcome to the landing page for Western Rivers Veterinary Group.

For further information and advice, please contact the clinic closest to you.

Western Rivers Veterinary Group - Warren Branch
35 Zora Street / PO Box 389, Warren NSW 2824

Phone: 02 6847 4795

Fax: 02 6847 3172 | Email: info@wrvg.com.au


Western Rivers Veterinary Group - Nyngan Branch
Lot 1 Lawlor Street, Nyngan NSW 2825

Phone: 02 6832 1335

Email: wrvg2825@gmail.com


Western Rivers Veterinary Group strives to provide and increase the accessibility of
quality veterinary services to companion and production animals across
New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory.


Western Rivers Vets provide services including:

- Comprehensive small animal care

- Routine equine services (including dental) with mobile crush

- Cattle pregnancy testing (ultra sound or sale tags as required)

- Bull testing

- Sheep scanning


Western Rivers Veterinary Group – in partnership with
North Australian Veterinary Group, Cloncurry, Queensland



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